An electrical inspection & test involves the visual inspection of an electrical installation, I.E. the fixed wiring and accessories such as fuse boards, sockets, switches, lights etc and how the actual wiring is installed, not including appliances. The visual inspection is followed by a comprehensive test of the fixed wiring using test instruments and data logging equipment to record all of the results.


The findings of the inspection and test are compiled to form a Periodic Inspection Report. The layout of the report is designed by the IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) and therefore is not an easy document for non-electrically qualified persons to understand. The relevant section for our clients is ‘Observations and Recommendations’, this is where all of our findings are recorded in text as opposed to numbers, these are given codes from 1 – 4:


1. Requires urgent attention

2. Requires improvement

3. Requires further investigation

4. Does not comply with the current wiring regulations


Any items given a ‘Code 1’ must be made safe without delay; we would ensure that action was taken to remove the immediate risk as soon as a problem was identified.

As part of the service we would take the time at your convenience to discuss the findings in plain English and explain any recommended actions.

Why is Electrical Inspection & Testing Required?

A business owner has a duty of care under the ‘Electricity at Work Act 1989’ to ensure that the electrical installation is maintained and regularly inspected to ensure safety for all users of the premises whether they be staff, customers or visitors.


No matter how well an installation was originally installed it will deteriorate over time, periodic inspection and testing carried out at intervals as recommended by the IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers) will ensure continued safety and may help prolong the overall life of the installation. The IEE Wiring Regulations BS7671 are added to or amended on a regular basis, with a continuing emphasis on improving safety. An installation that was deemed satisfactory 10 years ago may now be classed as unsatisfactory following regulation changes.

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