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It is important that any equipment used outdoors is RCD protected. An RCD is a fast-acting, safety trip switch that reduces the risk of a fatal electric shock. If you are unsure if you have RCD protection please see our other page What is an RCD or send us a photo.

Research by Electrical Safety First has shown “More than half the UK population uses electrical devices in their gardens. While one in ten people have experienced an electric shock or accident caused while using an electrical appliance in their garden. The top cause is cutting through the cable of a lawnmower or hedge trimmer, something that can cause a severe electric shock or even kill if there is no RCD protection”

Therefore, before our Electricians visit the property it is important to let us know if you have an RCD protected consumer unit as this will affect the price of the job. If there is no RCD protection it is highly advised that we replace the consumer unit to comply with the existing wiring regulations and keep you safe. Another factor which will affect the price of the job is the location, ideally it will be easier and cheaper for us to install the outdoor socket if it can go directly behind an internal socket. You may also wish to consider being able to isolate the socket via a switch from inside the house. 

It is essential that any sockets, switches or equipment installed outdoors has a suitable IP rating to ensure that they are weatherproof and any cables supplying the equipment is suitable for outdoors.

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Outdoor Sockets

If you need an electrician to install an outdoor socket and are based in Manchester, Salford, Sale, Stockport, Wigan, Altrincham, Bolton, Tameside, Worsley, Didsbury, Oldham, Rochdale and Cheshire Payne Electrical Services are the right choice. Don't just take our word for it read some of customer reviews to find out why.

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