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A tenants guide to preparing your property for an EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report.

  1. An EICR can take between 2 to 4 hours to complete during which the power will need to be switched off while testing all the electrical circuits.

  2. The electrician will need access to the consumer unit so please ensure this area is cleared and accessible in advance of the visit. For instance, if the consumer unit is under the stairs, please clear out any items which may be blocking the way.

  3. Our electricians will need to gain access to all rooms so please make sure there is access at all times throughout the duration of the report.

  4. It is important to visually inspect and test all sockets and light fittings while carrying out the report so, if possible, move any large pieces of furniture obstructing the way to avoid any limitations.

  5. Keep any pets under control at all times.

  6. Ensure the code is available for any security alarms which may trigger when cutting the power to the system.

  7. Ensure any keys are available to any outbuildings or gates to access any outdoor power circuits.

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